Yay for Patriotic Party Decor! Red, White and Blue Pom Garland

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the long Memorial Day Weekend! Spring is in full swing, my husband has the grill set up, and we are ready for BBQs with friends. Decorate your potluck table or mantel with this patriotic red, white and blue pom garland. These mini poms are easy to make and since they’re small (and cute!) any size tissue paper you can grab nearby store will work just fine. Save this craft and reuse for the perfect 4th of July DIY party decor!

Red, White and Blue Pom Garland - Memorial Day - 4th of July - DIY Decor Tutorial from Yay for Handmade! www.yayforhandmade.com

- red, white & blue tissue paper
* I used 20″ by 30″ because that’s what I already had, but you’ll be cutting them down so any size tissue paper will work! *
- twine or ribbon
- scissors
- stapler

Red, White and Blue Pom Garland - Memorial Day - 4th of July - DIY patriotic party decor by Yay for Handmade! www.yayforhandmade.com


  1. If you’re using 20″ by 30″ tissue paper, simply fold your paper in half 3 times until you have a rectangle approximately  7″ x 10″ as shown above. Cut along the folds until you have 8 pieces. If using a different size tissue paper, simply cut into 7″ x 10″ rectangles. Repeat for red, white & blue tissue paper.
  2. Take two cut sheets of each color and layer on top of each other: red, white, blue, red, white, blue.
  3. Folding horizontally along the short end of the rectangle, create an accordion fold about and inch think along the tissue paper sheets. You should be flipping the tissue paper over with each fold to create the accordion fold as seen in Image 4 above.
  4. Pinching the folded tissue paper together, staple once in the center to secure all of the layers in place.
  5. Flip the accordioned tissue paper over, and center your twine or ribbon over the backside of the center staple. Staple again to secure the twine or ribbon to your folded tissue paper layers.
  6. Trim each end of your folded pom into a point, as shown in Image 6 above.
  7. Fan out one half of the folded pom, and gently pull each layer of tissue paper away from the center to fluff. Repeat for all layers of tissue paper on both the top and bottom half of each pom. You should have a pretty, round, mini-pom once you’re done!
  8. Repeat Steps 1-4 to create the next accordion pom. To make one continuous garland, simply measure the amount of space you would like between poms (I left above 8″) before directly stapling the folded pom to your twine or ribbon. Repeat Step 6 & 7 to finish each pom. Keep going until your red, white and blue pom garland reaches the desired length!

Red, White and Blue Pom Garland - Memorial Day - 4th of July - DIY Decor Tutorial from Yay for Handmade! www.yayforhandmade.com

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Yay for Girls Night Out! Bachleorette Glitter Sign

Kick off a glam celebration with this easy DIY Bachleorette Glitter Sign! Perfect for a girls night out, this sparkly DIY party decor is easy to make and customize for any occasion or holiday. I created this cheeky sign as a photo backdrop for my friend’s bachleorette party and it was a hit! This sign would also look great hung behind a festive mimosa station or dessert table.  A helpful tip to ensure a great photo op is to use a glitter cardstock that will contrast with the background wall color you’re hanging the sign against. You can download the template for this sign for FREE, simply Click Here.

DIY Bachleorette Glitter Sign - DIY party decor - Free Printable by Yay for Handmade

- Free Bachleorette Glitter Sign Printable Template
- 12-Inch by 12-Inch Glitter Cardstock, Bright Gold
- Pencil or Pen
- Scissors
- Xacto Knife
- Hole Punch
- Ribbon

DIY Bachleorette Glitter Sign - glitter glam party decor- Free Printable by Yay for Handmade


  1. To create the same sign as the one below, simply click to download Yay for Handmade’s Bachleorette Glitter Sign. To create your own sign wording with the same font, I used Bowbly One SC, available through Google Fonts. Print out the letters and cut out. Flip the letters right side down, mirror image as seen in image 1 above, and trace on the backside of the glitter cardstock. Trace multiples of letters that need to be used more than once to spell out your sign.
  2. Use scissors to cut out the letters from the cardstock. Use an Xacto knife over a cutting mat to cut out any open spaces inside letters.
  3. Using a hole punch, punch two holes at the top of each letter on the left and right edges.
  4. Cut a piece of ribbon at least a foot longer than the desired length of your sign. Weave the ribbon through the front left of each letter, behind, and forward again through the right side hole punch of each letter. You’re ready to hang up your Bachleorette Glitter Sign!

Cheers Bitches - Glitter Glam DIY Party Sign - Free Printable by Yay for Handmade

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Yay for Mother’s Day! Handmade Etsy Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’ve been racking your brain for one of a kind ideas, I’ve got you covered. I’ve gathered my favorite picks for handmade Etsy Gifts for Mom, so you can find a thoughtful gift and your dollars can support artisans! I’ve organized this round-up of unique gifts for Mother’s Day by different Mom personalities, and although no woman can fit neatly into a single category, I’m sure you’ll find something for all the women in your life who take on the ultimate job of mommyhood.

Handmade Etsy Gifts for Mother's Day - lovely and unique gifts for Mom - collected by Yay for Handmade - www.yayforhandmade.com

Gifts for the New Mom: 

Just because she’s had to switch out her favorite clutch for a roomier diaper bag, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t crave fashionable accessories. This nursing/teething necklace by Miracle From Threads will help occupy baby during feedings, while still looking chic enough for mom to love adding it as a finishing touch to her outfit.

New mothers want to track all of baby’s early memories – but it can be hard to remember to fill out a baby book when sleep deprived! Instead gift a Personalized First Year Milestone print from Vicky Barone, available in 3 chic colors. It’s got all the most important moments to remember in a simple and lovely display!

Etsy Gifts for Mom -Mother's Day GIfts - First Time Mom Gift Roundup by www.yayforhandmade.com

Image Source: Nursing Necklace by Miracle From Threads // First Year Milestone Print by Vicky Barone

Gifts for the Mom Who Loves to Cook:

If your Mom shows her love by whipping up home cooked goodies in the kitchen, why not give her a cute, retro apron from Creative Chics. With plenty of colorful prints to choose from, and a stylish sweetheart neckline, these fun and flirty aprons are the perfect accessory for the hostess with the mostess. Perfect for the mom who loves to entertain!

Even a momma who is a dynamo in the kitchen can get into a rut. Why not inspire her next creation with a custom set of 8 gourmet ses salts from Spice Expressions. Choose from exotic flavor infusions like thai-ginger, sriracha, bamboo and even espresso! Even better, this vendor is offering 12% off using the coupon code 12OFFMOM until May 11, 2014.

Etsy Gifts for Mom -Mother's Day GIfts - Moms Who Love to Cook Roundup by www.yayforhandmade.com

Image Source: Sweetheart Retro Apron by Creative Chics // Gourmet Sea Salts by Spice Expressions

Gifts for the Fashionista Mom:

Is the mother you’re shopping for a fashionista with a closet full of the latest trends? Give her a timelessly stylish gift like a gorgeous handpainted silk scarf. Every scarf by Silk Scarves Takuyo is one of a kind, just like Mom. My favorite is this cheerful piece with yellow wildflowers and emerald stripes.

Does Mom have a more modern and minimalist style? She’ll love these pyrite pendant gemstone earrings by 443Jewelry.  The product description describes pyrite as a mineral “that helps to promote open and honest communication,” which is a wonderful wish for any mother-daughter relationship.

Etsy Gifts for Mom -Mother's Day GIfts - Fashionista Moms Roundup by www.yayforhandmade.com

Image Source: Hand Painted Silk Scarf by Silk Scarves Takuyo // Pyrite Fools Gold Earrings by 443Jewelry

Gifts for the Mom Who Loves Fitness:

Is your Mom dedicated to working out? Is she a fan of enjoying the great outdoors? Style meets sustainability in this hand etched water bottle from MaxliStudio. Choose from three lovely designs inspired by nature, and best of all, they are dishwasher safe! Every bottle is 100% non toxic, BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

Does your Mom find a zen state of mind through meditation and yoga? She can tote her mat in style with these bold yoga bags from Vagabond Bags. Choose from dozen of fun, eclectic designs, like the bold floral Japanese print below. Each bag is lined for durability and machine washable for easy maintenance.

Etsy Gifts for Mom -Mother's Day GIfts - Fitness Mom Gift Roundup by www.yayforhandmade.com

Image Source: Hand Etched Water Bottle by MaxliStudio // Yoga Bag with Zipper from VagabondBags

Type A Moms:

Is your mom a perfectionist that is most comfortable when everything has a place? Help her keep her desk looking chic and neat with this organizer by Less & MoreThe letter holder includes a magnetized front, and the desk organizer has multiple compartments for various sized writing utensils. Each gorgeous piece is handmade from a solid piece of oak! 

When your SuperMom is busy taking care of everyone else, it’s important to encourage her to take time for herself. Help her unwind with small-batch, handcrafted bath teas from Garden Apothecary. This blend of organic bath salts are made with whole botanicals and features luxurious notes of balsam, lavender and lotus.

Etsy Gifts for Mom -Mother's Day GIfts - Type A Mom Gift Roundup by www.yayforhandmade.com

Image Source: Desk Organizer Set from Less & More // Balsam Lavender Lotus Bath Tea by Garden Apothecary

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Yay Cinco de Mayo! Maraca Baby Rattle

Cinco de Mayo is coming up and to celebrate my Mexican culture I decided to craft this fun maraca baby rattle for Baby B’s toy collection. All the 100% wool felt used was pre-washed to account for shrinkage and the the rattle portion can easily be detached and washed from the toy handle. The handle is a teething ring from Etsy seller, Indie Bambino, who creates gorgeous, all natural toys. The teething ring handle is made with 100% organic, non-treated birch wood and finished with natural beeswax and olive oil.

Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! DIY Maraca Baby Rattle - tutorial from Yay for Handmade

- wool crafting felt
- small piece of scrap fabric
- machine washable toy stuffing/filling
- velcro hook and loop sew-on tape
- toy rattle, I picked mine up from American Felt and Craft
- wooden teething ring, I purchased mine from Indie Bambino
- embroidery floss or thread
- hot glue gun

Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! DIY Maraca Baby Rattle - tutorial from Yay for Handmade



  1. Create your own pattern! Draw a feather shape to create a pattern for the felt pieces that will make the maraca. Draw a line 5 inches for the length of the shape. Draw a small base of 1cm, centered at the bottom of that line. Draw 2 curved lines up from the base to create the feather shape – the widest part of my pattern shape is 1.5 inches. Cut out 7 – 8 felt pieces from your pattern in bright colors of your choice.
  2. Start sewing the pieces together with embroidery floss using a blanket stitch, I used contrasting colors for a more festive look. Sew wrong side out if your pieces have marking from tracing your pattern.*Tip* Sew from top towards base of toy, and thread back up a bit before tying off your knot for cleaner look, as seen in third image above. I ended up using only 7 pieces – there is plenty of wiggle room because the maraca part will be stuffed so don’t worry if each piece doesn’t seem perfect, mine weren’t and everything sewed up fine!
  3. When sewing the final piece, leave a two inch opening on each side, for easy filling, as seen in image 4 above. Turn your maraca right side out.
  4. Using the scrap piece of fabric, sew a simple pocket and slip your rattle inside. Sew the open end closed. This helps to keep the rattle positioned in the center of the toy.
  5. Stuff your rattle a third full, then add the rattle pocket in wrapped with a handful of filling. Finish stuffing the rattle to desired plushness and blanket stitch the last rattle piece down on each side.
  6. Cut out a circle large enough to be able to tuck the loose ends of the open base of your maraca together. My circle piece was about an inch in diameter. Stitch the circle down to sew the open base of the felt maraca closed.
  7. Next cut pieces of felt to create the velcro straps. This will vary based on the thickness of the teething ring used. I cut each strip longer than I needed, then tested on the rattle and trimmed to size – although I should have made one longer than the other to compensate for overlap. It still worked fine, but would have looked better. Cut your velcro hook and loop tape just a wee bit shorter than the actual felt straps, and hot glue onto place.
  8. Stitch your felt velcro straps onto the circle base of your maraca as shown above using embroidery thread. You’ll want to use the loop (soft) side on the bottom, and the hook (scratchy) side on the part that secures over the ring. This way if any of the velcro is exposed to baby it’s the soft side. Now simply secure the felt straps onto the wooden teething ring and your little one is ready to rock out with their maraca baby rattle!

Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! DIY Maraca Baby Rattle - tutorial from Yay for Handmade

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Yay for Birdwatching! Easy DIY Bird Feeder

This easy DIY Bird Feeder is a simple project that uses plant pot saucers to make a hanging bird feeder. I’m no professional birder, but I do enjoy watching sweet little birdies in my backyard while I enjoy my morning coffee. You can use either plastic or ceramic saucers, for plastic, any ol’ drill but will do. If using unglazed terra cotta saucers, use a masonry drill bit, and for glazed ceramics you’ll need a glass and tile drill bit. I used plastic because I already had them on hand, and hung this easy DIY bird feeder on a tree right outside my sun porch. 

DIY Bird Feeder using plant pot saucers - step by step tutorial from Yay for Handmade

- 2 plant pot saucers, I used 10″ & 6″ diameters
- twine, make sure it’s the weight needed to support your materials
- outdoor paint, if you don’t have any around buy a small sample size!
- glue gun
- drill
- bird seed

DIY Bird Feeder using plant pot saucers - step by step tutorial from Yay for Handmade


  1. Drill 4 holes, equidistant around the side of the larger plant pot saucer using the appropriate size and type drill bit for your materials.
  2. Paint the larger saucer on all  outer and inner sides. Paint the smaller saucer only on the outer sides, but not on the inside where you will be filling with bird seed. Let both dry completely.
  3. Hot glue the smaller saucer inside the base of the larger saucer.
  4. Cut 4 lengths of twine approximately 18 inches long. Tie one end of each length to the four holes on the outer plant pot saucer base. Secure each knot with a dab of hot glue.
  5. Gather your four lengths of twine and tie off a knot about 12 inches from your feeder base. You’ll want to make sure that this is a centered knot, so work off a flat surface and make sure you lift up the feeder before tying off to make sure the feeder is hanging level. Create a loop with the remaining twine, I braided mine first so it was easier to manage, and tie off the knot. Hot glue to secure. Trim the ends if needed.
  6. Take your twine, scissors, and finished feeder outside and decide where you want to hang it up! I picked a outer limb where squirrels wouldn’t be as able to sneak off with the goods. Cut a long piece of twine and thread through the top loop of your feeder and over a tree branch, adjust to your preferred length, knot, and trim off any excess. All set!

DIY Bird Feeder using plant pot saucers - step by step tutorial from Yay for Handmade

I found it helpful to fill this easy DIY bird feeder with birdseed before hanging it up onto the tree. It may have been a little more tricky when stringing it up, but it helped me to eyeball that everything was level, so none of the birdseed would spill. The night after I strung up the feeder we had a few gusty winds and I’m happy to report that everything stayed in place. If you’d like to make your backyard or garden more bird friendly, consider adding a water feeder or bath!

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Yay for Easter! Modern Easter Table Settings

My mother is flying into town this week, so I’ve been less with the crafting and more with the cleaning. Usually I would whip through my list of chores, but at 30 weeks pregnant, I’m starting to slow down a bit! However, I have collected some of my favorite modern Easter table settings from around the interwebs just in time to inspire your own Easter brunch or dinner tablescape.

A-title image - yay2

These modern Easter table settings capture all the festiveness of the holiday and still have plenty of lovely elements that you can use reuse throughout the Spring and Summer. Whether you have time to go all out with your decor, or are just looking for some quick ideas to spruce up your Easter table, I promise you’ll find something inspiring in these gorgeous settings. Be sure to add in some fresh blooms – cheerful tulips and daffodils are an easy way to welcome Spring!

Modern Easter Table Settings - navy and pink

Go bold and preppy with bold stripes and pops of pink via House of Creative Designs

Modern Easter Table Settings - nature inspired

Keep it rustic and simple with these nature inspired nests via Campbell Soup Diaries

Modern Easter Table Settings - pops of neon

Mason jars get a makeover with pops of neon with this cheerful tablescape via Making It Lovely

modern Easter table settings - yellow and blue

Tassels and bunting in bright aqua and yellow hues and announce Spring’s arrival via Confetti Sunshine

modern Easter table settings - pink daffodils

Mix and match bold patterns in vibrant colors for an eclectic table via Hostess with the Mostess

modern Easter table settings - black and white

Keep it graphic and chic in black and white layers via Shock the Burgeois

modern easter table settings - farm inspired

Channel a farm to table vibe with natural tone eggs and lots of texture via SCOUT


Yay for Haute Hippie Style! Gemstone Boho Hair Pins

With the weather warming up, it’s almost time for festival fashion and beachy hair waves. Add a haute hippie style to your locks with these easy DIY Boho Hair Pins. I salvaged these little gemstone beads from a broken necklace, and along with some matching thread and a few bobby pins, this bohemian accessory came together in 15 minutes! Perfect for an effortless vibe, your spirit animal would surely approve of these Boho Hair Pins for adding interest to a messy updo.

DIY Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!

- beads
- bobby pins
- needle & thread
- hot glue gun

Haute Hippie Tutorial for  Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!


  1. Arrange your beads in the order you want to strand them.
  2. Tie a knot at the crinkle side base of a bobby pin. Secure into place with a tiny dab of hot glue so the thread won’t slide around. Wrap your hot glue dab in thread  to disguise.
  3. Using a needle and thread, strand your beads all at once.
  4. Lay your beads flush along the crinkled end of the bobby pins and hold them in place. Starting from the base, and working towards the bobby opening, weave the thread around each bead and knot to secure into place. Be sure to only tie off along the top half of the bobby pin so you don’t tie the whole thing shut! Tie your final knot off at the opening end of the bobby pin and secure into place with another small dab of hot glue.
  5. Once your boho hair pins dry completely, they are ready to wear!

Easy Tutorial for Gemstone  Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!

I love the end result and can’t wait to find other interesting beads to make more! This project will work best with smaller beads that don’t have too much weight, so they don’t slide off your strands. You can grab a handful of gemstone beads from a local jewelry crafting supply store for a great price, or find a vendor on Etsy selling small lots and have them delivered to your doorstep. Groovy!

DIY Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!

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Yay for DIY Cermaics! Lotus Flower Ring Holder

Isn’t this simple zen bloom just the dreamiest addition to your nightstand? This lovely Lotus Flower Ring Holder is a simple DIY project made with polymer clay that bakes in a conventional oven, and the whole project can be completed in under an hour! With wedding season on the horizon, this makes a thoughtful gift for a bride to be, as the lotus flower also symbolizes good fortune. It also makes a pretty Mother’s Day present for resting small baubles.

DIY Lotus Flower Ring Holder - Yay for Handmade!

- Sculpey III Polymer Clay in Ballerina, or any other color you like!
- rolling pin
- wax paper
- clay knife or plastic card
- small oven safe bowl

DIY Lotus Flower Ring Holder tutorial - Yay for Handmade!


  1. Place a piece of wax paper over a flat surface and roll out some of your clay to a 1/8 inch thickness.
  2. Use a sculpting knife (or just a plastic card, like me!) to cut out petal shapes. The bigger the petal the larger the overall size of your lotus flower ring holder, My petals were about 2 inches long. If you make a mistake, just re-roll your clay out!
  3. Arrange the bottom layer of petals in an small oven safe bowl, as shown above. There were 6 petals for the bottom layer of my lotus flower. Very gently press the petals against the bowl so they take a smooth, rounded shape.
  4. Add a second layer of petals on top, positioned in between the bottom layer. I used another 6 petals. Gently press the petals down to adhere to the bottom layer. Take care round out the second layer of petals, especially the center of the top petals that lie between the bottom layer.
  5. Find something around the house that can suffice as a circle shape cutout, I used the cap of a marker. Roll out a small amount of clay, and cut out a small circle. Press the circle shape in the center of the lotus.
  6. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Bake for 20 minutes. Turn the oven off and let the bowl with your clay flower cool inside the oven for 5 more minutes before taking out. Once you take the bowl out of the oven, let your ring holder cool completely before handling.

DIY Lotus Flower Ring Holder - Yay for Handmade!

This was my first time working with polymer clay, and I loved it! Even better, the quick bake time makes for instant gratification. Sculpey III Clay comes in a rainbow of colors and my mind is already swimming with all the fun possibilities.

featured on i heart naptime

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Yay for DIY Pampering! Whipped Coconut Oil Hand Cream

All that Spring Cleaning scrubbing can be rough on your hands! Reward your hard work with a little DIY pampering. This easy and natural whipped coconut oil hand cream can be personalized with your favorite essential oil. I chose a lemongrass oil I brought back from Thailand because it reminds me of relaxing on the beaches of Krabi on our honeymoon! At the end of this post I’ve also included my favorite free printables for tackling Spring Cleaning projects around the house. Pretty printable lists always make chores a little more fun!

DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Hand Cream - easy beauty recipe using coconut oil from Yay for Handmade!

- 1/4 heaping cup of coconut oil, I love Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
- 1 tablespoon olive oil
- essential oil of your choice, for fragrance
You will also need: hand mixer, small container for storage

DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Hand Cream - easy beauty recipe using coconut oil from Yay for Handmade!


  1. Add heaping 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 15 drops of essential oil of your choice into mixing bowl. Feel free to adjust the amount of essential oil, for a more potent or subtle fragrance.
  2. Using a hand mixer, whip ingredients for 5 minutes until fluffy. The finished product should resemble the consistency of buttercream frosting. Using a spatula, scoop contents into a small, resealable container. Store at room temperature.

This DIY whipped coconut oil hand cream also makes a fantastic, budget-friendly, handmade gift!
A perfect treat for moms, teachers or anyone in your life who could use a little pampering.

My Favorite Free Printables for Spring Cleaning:

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist – from Honeybear Lane
Perfect for top to bottom seasonal deep cleaning

My Quirky Weekly Cleaning Chart – from First Home Love Life
Maintain the clean with this fresh take on a weekly cleaning schedule

Homemade Cleaners with Free Printable Labels – from IHeart Organizing
DIY cleaning product recipes with cute matching printable labels

Yay for a Floral DIY Easter Basket!

Celebrate Spring with a DIY Easter Basket covered in handcrafted felt flowers! This tutorial will show you how to turn a simple thrifted basket into a special Easter keepsake. Fill this bright bloomed basket with tasty treats for the little bunny in your life. This would also make a fantastic wedding craft, simply fill with fresh petals and you’ve got the perfect DIY flower girl basket.

DIY Easter Basket Tutorial - felt flower easter basket from Yay for Handmade!

- basket
- felt flowers, see below for tutorial links
- decorative ribbon
- hot glue gun & glue sticks

Felt Flowers: In case you missed it, you can check out the following posts on how to make these lovely felt flowers: 4 DIY Felt Tutorials to teach you how to create the daffodils, impatiens, dahlias and daisies, and the Spring Felt Flowers post for making the cute rosettes.

DIY Easter Basket Tutorial - felt flower easter basket from Yay for Handmade!


  1. Create your felt flowers in a variety of sizes and pretty Spring colors of your choosing. Use Yay for Handmade’s tutorial links above for felt impatiens, daffodils, dahlias and daisies, and also no sew rosettes. Cut out some decorative green leaves to add extra dimension to your floral-scape.
  2. Lock and load your glue gun! Add a dab of hot glue behind a flower and adhere each bloom to your basket. I started with one of the larger blooms and tried to equally distribute the flowers by color and type. This basket has a front side focal point, but you can continue the flowers on all sides, simply rim the basket, or anything else, it’s up to you!
  3. Fill in any of sparse spots with green leaves. Put a dab of glue behind the base end of your greenery and lift away petals to tuck and adhere the leaves behind the felt flowers.
  4. Using the decorative ribbon (how cute is this bright gingham print!), tie off one end of the ribbon onto one side of the basket handle. Hot glue into place. Wrap the basket handle as shown, and glue off at the opposite end. Finish by cutting two pieces of ribbon and tying off a bow on each end of the handle.
  5. Now fill your lovely Floral DIY Easter Basket with tasty goodies!

DIY Easter Basket Tutorial - felt flower easter basket from Yay for Handmade!

Looking for more creative holiday DIY projects? Follow my Holidays board on Pinterest to get inspired by my favorite festive finds from around the web.

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