Yay for Birdwatching! Easy DIY Bird Feeder

This easy DIY Bird Feeder is a simple project that uses plant pot saucers to make a hanging bird feeder. I’m no professional birder, but I do enjoy watching sweet little birdies in my backyard while I enjoy my morning coffee. You can use either plastic or ceramic saucers, for plastic, any ol’ drill but will do. If using unglazed terra cotta saucers, use a masonry drill bit, and for glazed ceramics you’ll need a glass and tile drill bit. I used plastic because I already had them on hand, and hung this easy DIY bird feeder on a tree right outside my sun porch. 

DIY Bird Feeder using plant pot saucers - step by step tutorial from Yay for Handmade

- 2 plant pot saucers, I used 10″ & 6″ diameters
- twine, make sure it’s the weight needed to support your materials
- outdoor paint, if you don’t have any around buy a small sample size!
- glue gun
- drill
- bird seed

DIY Bird Feeder using plant pot saucers - step by step tutorial from Yay for Handmade


  1. Drill 4 holes, equidistant around the side of the larger plant pot saucer using the appropriate size and type drill bit for your materials.
  2. Paint the larger saucer on all  outer and inner sides. Paint the smaller saucer only on the outer sides, but not on the inside where you will be filling with bird seed. Let both dry completely.
  3. Hot glue the smaller saucer inside the base of the larger saucer.
  4. Cut 4 lengths of twine approximately 18 inches long. Tie one end of each length to the four holes on the outer plant pot saucer base. Secure each knot with a dab of hot glue.
  5. Gather your four lengths of twine and tie off a knot about 12 inches from your feeder base. You’ll want to make sure that this is a centered knot, so work off a flat surface and make sure you lift up the feeder before tying off to make sure the feeder is hanging level. Create a loop with the remaining twine, I braided mine first so it was easier to manage, and tie off the knot. Hot glue to secure. Trim the ends if needed.
  6. Take your twine, scissors, and finished feeder outside and decide where you want to hang it up! I picked a outer limb where squirrels wouldn’t be as able to sneak off with the goods. Cut a long piece of twine and thread through the top loop of your feeder and over a tree branch, adjust to your preferred length, knot, and trim off any excess. All set!

DIY Bird Feeder using plant pot saucers - step by step tutorial from Yay for Handmade

I found it helpful to fill this easy DIY bird feeder with birdseed before hanging it up onto the tree. It may have been a little more tricky when stringing it up, but it helped me to eyeball that everything was level, so none of the birdseed would spill. The night after I strung up the feeder we had a few gusty winds and I’m happy to report that everything stayed in place. If you’d like to make your backyard or garden more bird friendly, consider adding a water feeder or bath!

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3 thoughts on “Yay for Birdwatching! Easy DIY Bird Feeder

    1. Erika Post author

      Yes! I did use plastic saucers since I already had them around. You can use clay as well – just make sure you use the right type of drill bit for your materials! This would make a great Mother’s Day gift!


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