Yay for Haute Hippie Style! Gemstone Boho Hair Pins

With the weather warming up, it’s almost time for festival fashion and beachy hair waves. Add a haute hippie style to your locks with these easy DIY Boho Hair Pins. I salvaged these little gemstone beads from a broken necklace, and along with some matching thread and a few bobby pins, this bohemian accessory came together in 15 minutes! Perfect for an effortless vibe, your spirit animal would surely approve of these Boho Hair Pins for adding interest to a messy updo.

DIY Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!

- beads
- bobby pins
- needle & thread
- hot glue gun

Haute Hippie Tutorial for  Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!


  1. Arrange your beads in the order you want to strand them.
  2. Tie a knot at the crinkle side base of a bobby pin. Secure into place with a tiny dab of hot glue so the thread won’t slide around. Wrap your hot glue dab in thread  to disguise.
  3. Using a needle and thread, strand your beads all at once.
  4. Lay your beads flush along the crinkled end of the bobby pins and hold them in place. Starting from the base, and working towards the bobby opening, weave the thread around each bead and knot to secure into place. Be sure to only tie off along the top half of the bobby pin so you don’t tie the whole thing shut! Tie your final knot off at the opening end of the bobby pin and secure into place with another small dab of hot glue.
  5. Once your boho hair pins dry completely, they are ready to wear!

Easy Tutorial for Gemstone  Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!

I love the end result and can’t wait to find other interesting beads to make more! This project will work best with smaller beads that don’t have too much weight, so they don’t slide off your strands. You can grab a handful of gemstone beads from a local jewelry crafting supply store for a great price, or find a vendor on Etsy selling small lots and have them delivered to your doorstep. Groovy!

DIY Boho Hair Pins - Yay from Handmade!

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