Yay Cinco de Mayo! Maraca Baby Rattle

Cinco de Mayo is coming up and to celebrate my Mexican culture I decided to craft this fun maraca baby rattle for Baby B’s toy collection. All the 100% wool felt used was pre-washed to account for shrinkage and the the rattle portion can easily be detached and washed from the toy handle. The handle is a teething ring from Etsy seller, Indie Bambino, who creates gorgeous, all natural toys. The teething ring handle is made with 100% organic, non-treated birch wood and finished with natural beeswax and olive oil.

Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! DIY Maraca Baby Rattle - tutorial from Yay for Handmade

- wool crafting felt
- small piece of scrap fabric
- machine washable toy stuffing/filling
- velcro hook and loop sew-on tape
- toy rattle, I picked mine up from American Felt and Craft
- wooden teething ring, I purchased mine from Indie Bambino
- embroidery floss or thread
- hot glue gun

Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! DIY Maraca Baby Rattle - tutorial from Yay for Handmade



  1. Create your own pattern! Draw a feather shape to create a pattern for the felt pieces that will make the maraca. Draw a line 5 inches for the length of the shape. Draw a small base of 1cm, centered at the bottom of that line. Draw 2 curved lines up from the base to create the feather shape – the widest part of my pattern shape is 1.5 inches. Cut out 7 – 8 felt pieces from your pattern in bright colors of your choice.
  2. Start sewing the pieces together with embroidery floss using a blanket stitch, I used contrasting colors for a more festive look. Sew wrong side out if your pieces have marking from tracing your pattern.*Tip* Sew from top towards base of toy, and thread back up a bit before tying off your knot for cleaner look, as seen in third image above. I ended up using only 7 pieces – there is plenty of wiggle room because the maraca part will be stuffed so don’t worry if each piece doesn’t seem perfect, mine weren’t and everything sewed up fine!
  3. When sewing the final piece, leave a two inch opening on each side, for easy filling, as seen in image 4 above. Turn your maraca right side out.
  4. Using the scrap piece of fabric, sew a simple pocket and slip your rattle inside. Sew the open end closed. This helps to keep the rattle positioned in the center of the toy.
  5. Stuff your rattle a third full, then add the rattle pocket in wrapped with a handful of filling. Finish stuffing the rattle to desired plushness and blanket stitch the last rattle piece down on each side.
  6. Cut out a circle large enough to be able to tuck the loose ends of the open base of your maraca together. My circle piece was about an inch in diameter. Stitch the circle down to sew the open base of the felt maraca closed.
  7. Next cut pieces of felt to create the velcro straps. This will vary based on the thickness of the teething ring used. I cut each strip longer than I needed, then tested on the rattle and trimmed to size – although I should have made one longer than the other to compensate for overlap. It still worked fine, but would have looked better. Cut your velcro hook and loop tape just a wee bit shorter than the actual felt straps, and hot glue onto place.
  8. Stitch your felt velcro straps onto the circle base of your maraca as shown above using embroidery thread. You’ll want to use the loop (soft) side on the bottom, and the hook (scratchy) side on the part that secures over the ring. This way if any of the velcro is exposed to baby it’s the soft side. Now simply secure the felt straps onto the wooden teething ring and your little one is ready to rock out with their maraca baby rattle!

Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! DIY Maraca Baby Rattle - tutorial from Yay for Handmade

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11 thoughts on “Yay Cinco de Mayo! Maraca Baby Rattle

  1. Amanda

    This is beautiful! I am a Spanish teacher so I always enjoy good Mexican crafts! I think my daughter would love this, I will have to make it sometime this week! Amanda @ Old House to New Home

  2. Linda

    This is so cute! I want one for my little one! Thanks for stopping by Night Owl Corner….just thought I’d check out your blog too!


  3. Erlene

    That is so cute and I love that you can remove the top and change it out. Thanks for sharing on Link’n blogs link up. Have a great weekend.


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